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My Name is 
Amanda  Anastasia

I am 28 years old and an artist. I acquired my love for painting from my grandmother who inspired me with her artistic talents and unconditional love.

When she passed away in 2015. I realized that I wanted to continue in her spirit. So I began painting flower pots for family and friends, then moved onto landscapes on canvas. The challenge for me is that I do not have use of my arms and hands because of a condition I was born with called Aicardi-Goutieres Syndrome type 2. I use my head to paint. In 2017 I began private painting classes with my teacher Lorena and began painting animals. She has been teaching me ever since. I share a special bond and my love for painting with my grandfather who is a painter as well. I especially enjoy painting animals and landscapes. I love to share my art with people. I have also started my own clothing line to share my love for art with the world.  

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