Getting the Hang of It

Pottery by Lucie Rie

I’ve always been one to dig deep into my interests, particularly with my love for art. This is what jumped started my collage making--becoming obsessed with going to vintage stores to collect old magazines I could cut up. I've also gotten far on with my journey with acrylic and watercolor paints, the medium that has made me pull all nighters more than a handful of times just out of the excitement of making pieces. I've made sculptures out of recycled items I find, learned how to knit and sew. I've even tried out photography and film making. Most recently, I have dived into the world of ceramics.

I still think back to this past Christmas to acknowledge how lucky I was to receive the gift that I had been yearning for the longest time, a pottery wheel. During the span of that whole entire year, something about wheel throwing had intrigued me. So much that by December, I had watched just about every youtube video created that discussed the subject and followed dozens of potters on instagram so that I could remain updated on their newest projects. Each upload amazed me--I too wanted to create those gigantic sculptures and those beautiful dinner plates. I was eager to get my hands on some clay and find a wheel that I could work with--I rambled on and on about it to just about anyone who had ears to listen. More specifically to my dog Coca, who turned her head in confusion not understanding a word of what I was talking about but at least wagged her tail to remind me that she cared. I had obsessed over many art mediums in the past, so much that they became somewhat of a phase. I knew that pottery could be my next, if only I could find a way. However, getting a wheel and all of the supplies for it just seemed very out of reach and not as easy as other mediums. This is why I almost fainted that Christmas morning when I took that first glance at my wheel as I unwrapped Rudolf designs off of a giant box with my name on it.